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Trio Intermezzo

Ticket Booth

You have a Choice of Two Types of Tickets.


$ 35

General Seating, from 2nd row back. Seating as your arrival time allows. NO Drinks or Food Allowed. 

Front Row - BYOB

$ 48

Reserved Seating on Front Row.

Living-room Seating, unobstructed view of performers, also allowing for you to Bring and Enjoy your Own Wine (BYOB). Some delights may be provided by hosts.

Phantom Of The Opera Parlor 

October 25, 7 pm (Friday)

October 26, 4 pm (Saturday)

October 26, 6 pm (Saturday)

October 27, 4 pm (Sunday)

Holiday Kaleidoscope 

December 13, 7 pm (Friday)

December 14, 4 pm (Saturday)

December 14, 6 pm (Saturday)

December 15, 4 pm (Sunday)

Love Is In The Air 

February 14, 7 pm (Friday)

February 15, 4 pm (Saturday)

February 15, 6 pm (Saturday)

February 16, 4 pm (Sunday)

Melodies In Bloom

March 28, 7 pm (Friday)

March 29, 4 pm (Saturday)

March 29, 6 pm (Saturday)

March 30, 4 pm (Sunday)

Parlor Performance Seating Protocol


  1. COMPLETE GROUPS may enter. Must wait for entire group to enter.

  2. FRONT ROW-BYOB only patrons may bring drinks inside. NO OUTSIDE FOOD. All others may leave packages at the Check-in Desk and pickup after event.

  3. DRESS CODE: NO T-Shirts, NO Shorts, NO Flip-Flops, NO Sportsware. Business Casual Attire minimum requirement.

  4. NO SEATING SOLD at door, information to purchase for future events is available.

  5. NO Outside Promotional Material allowed.

  6. DOOR VERIFICATION for purchased seating at Check-In front Desk. No Printed Ticket Needed or Issued. All Patrons MUST Check-in.

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