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I am DaVid Pineda-Huezo, Specialist in Fabrication, Restoration, Surveyor, Appraisal and Consulting in the Violin Family of Musical Instruments. Specialist of Musical Instruments, Bowed Instruments of the Violin Family. Documented Fellow and President of Violin Intercontinental Forum, Inc. I am USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Compliant.


Let me tell you a little about myself. Restoration and making have always been a passion of mine since I was 12 years old. My uncle’s Guadagnini violin captivated my eyes at age 5. That seed lead me to eventually integrate into one of the most rigorous music schools in Latin America, Victoriano Lopez Conservatory of Music, where I earned an Artist Diploma and Pedagogy Certificate. Moving to the United States at age 18 through Columbus State University with Studies in Music Performance. Then, The University of Alabama and its relationship with NASA and Geo Sciences caught my attention, so I earned enrollment with a full academic fellowship thanks to The Rotary Club International, Capstone International Scholar program and the Government of The Republic of Honduras to acquire a minor in Geological Science along with my music accreditation. I have also won Gold medals and Honorary mentions in multiple competitions and have received fellowships from prominent festivals as a cellist.


My influential mentors have been Benjamin Acevedo, Ricardo Barrientos, Martha Gerschefski, Carlton McCreery, Laszlo Varga, Leslie Parnas, Henry Rubin, Betty-Ann Diaz, Pat McClain and of course my uncle violinist, Alejando Huezo. I give credit to my father José Ricardo for my devotion to making and restoring, as he allowed me to use tools as a child and showed me how to carve simple projects in wood and fix just about anything around the house.


Continuing an extensive performance career and serving as an Orchestra Specialist for Fulton County Schools orchestra programs, and the development of the Dunwoody Camerata, the Atlanta Chamber Orchestra and serving as in-house resident artists with the High Museum of Art of Atlanta. I then decided to specialize more in restoration and making instruments, just in case I ever broke a finger and could no longer play. My colleagues followed me and trusted me with their precious instruments and bows. During my collaboration with restorers, makers and dealers, I also pursued my Appraiser Certification with my specialty being in Personal Property, Musical Instruments of the Violin Family. Through New York University on Appraisal Theory and Methodology and studies through Appraisers Association of America, I earned my Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice compliance certificate. I also continue to collaborate with Sotheby’s specialist Ingles and Hayday in London and with Fred Oster in Philadelphia.


So far, I have made a family of instruments, this is my Catalogue Reisonné: Alba 2009 (Violin), Bendito 2010 (Violin), Sarandib 2016 (cello), El Cantor 2016 (Cello Bow) Merlot 2016 (Violin), Pinta 2016 (Violin), Encanto, Workshop 2015 (Violin), Luna 2017 (Violin), Noche 2017 (Violin), Estrella 2017 (Violin), Marina 2019 (viola), Capri 2019 (Violin), Camila 2019 (Violin), Hannah 2019 (Viola) Finial Violin Bow (2016), Ireland Violin Bow (2016), Crimson Violin Bow (2015), Arco Rosso 2010 (Cello Bow), L’Arco Nero 2010 (Violin Bow) Natividad 2012 (Viola), Sakura 2010 (Violin) Plata Series 2019 (Cello pair French Traditional and Baroque Transitional Bows).

Some of my inventions have garnered international attention by Strad Magazine and Strings Magazine, such as my bow hair treatment “Bow Tonic” and my instrument finish conditioner “Wood Tonic”. Also, The Vibrato Machine which is a vibrato training method, being a simple and effective way to develop vibrato.


I have hundreds of documented restorations of instruments and bows completed, with clients that include master performers that I now am honored to be able to call my friends as well. I regularly prepare appraisals as part of my professional services; and my fees are based on a published flat fee schedule. I have been the Luthier in Residence for 7 seasons at the Sarasota Music Festival thanks to the kind referral of Maestro Paul Wolfe. I have enjoyed residencies as Luthier in Residence with other various festivals throughout the southeast USA as well.


I continue to practice and enjoy collaborating in the recording studio as well as cinematic medium. I perform on a cello and two bows made by me, “Sarandib” my cello, and my “Plata Series” of bows. Tirza, my wife, is a violinist and lends her expertise when the testing time of instruments is needed and performed. We have been performing together since 2001 as the “Galatea Duo”, and now, as “Sundance Tales” in the world of  YouTube. We spend time traveling places and meeting people from all walks of life in our RV named “Riggyletto” and enjoy filming and curating stories and music from the roads we travel through our video journals.


When not making music by restoration, playing or traveling, I enjoy flying my collection of Kites at the world famous beaches in Sarasota, Florida, where we call home.

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